Employee Referral Program

Friendly Consultants believes that the best employees come from candidates referred from our current employees. There is no better indicator of our company’s successes than the recommendation by our employee that attracts a new candidate. Our Employee Referral Program is an incentive program that encourages you, the FCI employee, to refer candidates for open positions within our company. The program rewards you for referring candidate’s who successfully fill these open positions and enhance our staff of professional employees.

Methods to Refer Candidates:

Referral of candidates can occur in one of two ways:

WinRunner, LoadRunner, Test Director, QTP, QA Methodologies, Web Application Testing and Backend Testing

Option 1:

The Friendly employee submits a candidate’s resume for immediate consider of an open position via email to hrd@friendlyconsultants.com. The reference should state “ERP” followed by the name of the open position.

Option 2:

The Friendly employee submits a resume directly to the Human Resource Department for consideration with a written request to indicating that this is being submitted pursuant to our ERP.

Only resumes submitted via either Option 1 or Option 2 will be accepted and eligible for the referral awards. All contact information for the candidate must be provided at the time the referral is submitted. Referrals are per individual; therefore a separate referral should be submitted for each open position/individual to be considered.


All employees are encouraged to participate in the program, however the following employees/situations would be ineligible for receiving a referral award:

  • Employees involved in the staffing process (recruiters, compensation, HR Business Consultants) and or interviewing process; OR
  • Employees who refer candidates working within the company on temporary assignments; AND
  • Employees who refer a re-hire or Interns.


Provided the Referring Employee is not disqualified under any of the above conditions, the Referral Bonus will get paid upon:

  • The referred candidate becoming a new employee; AND
  • The new employee completing 90 days of satisfactory and effective work performance; AND
  • Both the referring employee and the new employee being on the active payroll of FCI at the time the Referral Bonus is due and paid.
  • All Referral Bonus amounts are subject to taxes and appropriate withholdings.


The amount of the referral bonus is based on the experience level of the referred candidate.

If Referral is Hired At Support Level including Desktop, Help Desk, Junior Network/System Administrators, Junior Sales and/or Marketing, etc.Your Reward Is: $100.00

If Referral is Hired At Mid/Senior Level including Developers, Programmers, Project Managers, Network Engineers, Database Analysts, Programmer Analysts, Executives, etc.Your Reward Is: $500.00

Questions or for further information contact the Human Resources Department.