Job Title : Financial Analyst

Location : Princeton, NJ

Duties :

  • Coordinating the company’s overall financial, accounting and operational activities.
  • Preparing the company’s annual budget and monitoring the company’s financial position in the areas of income, expenses and earnings using knowledge of SAP financial tools.
  • Assessing the tax liabilities for the company and developing strategies to minimize the company’s overall tax liability.
  • Implementing new accounting systems.
  • Interpreting accounting ratios and non accounting ratios.
  • Assisting with the company’s financial planning, procurement, and investments.
  • Consolidating financial data with foreign entity as part of the annual audit.
  • Advising the company’s partners on financial issues, including profitability, investments and short and long term financial plans.
  • Designing and monitoring internal control systems.

Requirements : Bachelor of Commerce, related field or equivalent plus 4 years of experience as a financial analyst. Experience should include preparing and analyzing funds statements, consolidated financial data, interpreting accounting ratios and non-accounting ratios, developing and implementing internal control systems, preparing budget reports, reviewing general ledger and sub ledgers, preparing consolidated financials, spent management, and developing MIS reports using SAP financial tools. M-F, 40hrs/wk.

How to Apply: Fax Resume to Friendly Consultants Inc. at 800-471-9415.