Job Title : Software Engineer

Location : West Chester, PA 19380

Skill Set : Java,Groovy, Typescript,Javascript, Gherkin, SQL, N1QL,Unix shell, SQL Server, Couchbase, ReadyAPI, MobaXterm, Hermes JMS, GEMS, Kibana, Protractor, Cucumber, Postman , Newman, JUNIT, Mockito, Git, Bitbucket, Jira, Sharepoint, Confluence, Maven, Jenkins, Chai, HP ALM, Node.js, AQT, Tibco, MQ , Visual Studio Code, log4j, Maven, Microsoft Visio.

Education : a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent in Computer Information Systems or a closely related field

Specific Job Responsibilities :

  • Define and measure the compliance of the software to the acceptance criteria through testing, measuring, andexpressing quality of the deliverables based on testing results.
  • Coordinate with the project team to design test plans and analyze all functional and non-functional requirements for all automation testframeworks and provide training to staff if required.
  • Develop end to end automated test cases for testing complex workflows, developing test cases for business rules validation. Write automated test cases for backend testing and database validation for SQL Server, Couchbase and DB2 using complex SQL and N1QL queries.
  • Develop approach for Test data externalization; data mocking from within test scripts based on business rules, maintain data security for service account credentials by encrypting and decrypting passwords from within test scripts.
  • Develop automation framework for services and backend testing using ReadyAPI. Develop automated test scripts for Java Messaging Service Validation for TIBCO and MQ Queue using Hermes JMS, server log validation using SSH tunnel ; database validations using JDBC connection for SQL Server and RESTful endpoint for Couchbase.
  • Develop automation framework for UI testing using Protrator-Cucumber-Framework; develop feature files in domain specific language Gherkin based on Business Requirements.
  • Create Page Objects and page elements by utilizing locators like ID, name, xpath, css, model and bindings; writing step definitions in Typescript.
  • Use Chai assertion library for assertions like expect, assert and should, used async/await and promises within async/await for handling asynchronous execution in Angular JS application.
  • Develop and allocate test scripts; monitor test execution; andensure results are recorded, prepared, and maintained; relevant test documentation including use cases and test scripts.
  • Maintain test assets and test data; analyze cause of test failure and update the test scripts for daily regression test run.
  • Maintain test scripts in Bitbucket shared repository for source version control and continuous delivery/ continuous deployment; worked closely with Devops to integrate all automation frameworks with Jenkins, and print clear, concise reports of test runs in Confluence.
  • Write unit tests in JUNIT framework using Eclipse IDE; Mockito for mocking interfaces; used JUNIT annotations and assertions; used Maven for maintaining project dependencies.
  • Developed attribute and data driven framework for services testing, developed schema, naming convention and data storage standards for Test Automation Database. Migrated all data from excel /json format to Test Automation SQL Database.
  • Verify application behavior and identify root cause of failure by checking server logs using MobaXterm, Putty and Kibana and writing Linux commands.
  • Work in Scaled Agile Framework; attend program increment planning meeting under the guidance of release train engineer, attend standups for daily reporting and collaboration and attend grooming/planning/review/retrospective sessions for each sprint.

How to Apply: Fax Resume to Friendly Consultants Inc. at 800-471-9415.