Job Title : Software Engineer

Location : Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Education : a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent in Computer Information Systems or a closely related field

Specific Job Responsibilities :

  • Elicit the requirements from scrum masters and created test cases for the Work Partners Employer Portal and ran manual test plans to accomplish the regression, smoke and sanity testing.
  • Participate in co-located testing by interacting with UI team and UX team to ensure adequate test coverage during development and for quicker resolution of issues.
  • Maintain test plans, test cases and test results in VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services).
  • Performed Blackbox testing using SQL Server Management studio (V 17.9.1) to make O/R mappings and for extracting data values to validate the application with front end values.
  • Execute SQL queries, JOINS and performed Backend testing to ensure the retrieval of the data from the database. Used SQL code to run scalability test and validated Reports and Statements.
  • Develop NeoLoad (V 6.8) framework to recorded HTML, PUSH and WebSocket for Work Partners Employer Portal application, extracted data for variabilization to perform performance testing.
  • Check User paths for Work Partners Employer Portal application which has different login’s and debugged the application on live using Neoload.
  • Work with Load Generators with distributed architecture, to perform heavy load testing on server using virtual users at a time.
  • Use Protractor (V 5.4.0) for performing E2E testing on angular 6.0 applications, using Jasmine (V 2.6.2) which is behavior-driven framework.
  • Design and developed UI framework using Typescript (V 2.9.2), page objects were defined for each single page, and inserted UI assertions for checking the assertions.
  • Develop Jasmine data provider (V 2.2.0) framework to extract data from JSON files to perform data driven testing.

How to Apply: Fax Resume to Friendly Consultants Inc. at 800-471-9415.