Job Title : Software Engineer

Location : UPMC, Pittsburgh

Skill Set : Requirement gathering, Preparing test plans and test cases, performance testing, Coding and Scripting Expertise, Development Methodology, defect triaging.

Education : a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent in Computer Information Systems or a closely related field

Specific Job Responsibilities :

  • Direct Point of Contact for all the WorkPartners Consumer Portal related functionality which includes major applications/modules such as Workers Compensation, Short Term Disability, Absence Management and LifeSolutions.
  • Elicit the requirements from the scrum masters/Product Owners on their respective portals and Convey the same to the development team. Then develop automated Test scripts for the same.
  • Using Protractor E2E tool of version 5.1.2 framework for testing the Angular 4.0 applications with Typescript (v 2.9.2). Also Implemented Jasmine-core (V 2.6.2) BDD framework with Typescript (V 2.9.2) as programming language for coding and execution of test scripts.
  • Perform Data Driven Testing by using JSON file and spreadsheets to feed the data, ran multiple data sets against same set of tests.
  • Initially Reports were generated with the help of Jasmine Reporters (V 2.3) but then upgraded to Jasmine-spec-reporter which displays more sophisticated and detailed reports of automated test suits.
  • Responsible for Create/Run manual test plans as part of regression and functional testing which include Black-Box testing, UI testing, User Acceptance Testing, Integration and performance testing.
  • Running Performance tests on various Web Services and Micro Services endpoints by generating load locally and virtually using VSTS. Reports and graphs were generated after each test.
  • Involve in setting up Client-Controller-Agent Rig/Architecture for performance testing of various applications using Visual Studio Enterprise as a tool.
  • Actively Involved in all aspects of the Agile Environment work flows such as daily Scrum calls, Sprint Planning Meeting and Sprint Review sessions.
  • Perform Responsive testing of angular applications in different browsers, tablet and mobile devices to ensure the quality of the application is maintained in all the platforms.
  • Involve Backed testing by updating and executing complex SQL queries, stored procedures to validate the Data. SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) version 17.9.1 was used to perform this.
  • Maintain and updating the existing CODED UI code for legacy portals (Provider, Producer, Employer) in VSTS by segregating re-usable components from the complex flow making them into common methods whenever necessary.
  • Involve in Setting up Protractor framework for automating Angular based applications and will be writing automation test scrips go further.

How to Apply: Fax Resume to Friendly Consultants Inc. at 800-471-9415.