Job Title : Software Development Engineer in Test

Location : Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Education : a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent in Computer Information Systems or a closely related field

Specific Job Responsibilities :

  • Design and develop Hybrid Framework using a combination of page object pattern andData-driven Using typescript/Protractor from the scratch for Employer Place Project.
  • Create and test Positive and Negative Test scenarios to test the functionality and the error handling capability of the application.
  • Participate in writing High-Level Test Plan, Test Scenarios, Test cases based on the requirementsfor UpmcGQ (Group Quotes Employerplace)
  • Responsible for maintaining the Helper classes/packages of the framework.
  • Generating reports (Automated Screenshots when a test (fails/passes/halts) using annotations from Typescript libraries such as class initialize, test clean up etc.
  • Robust work experience in Cross-Browser Testing to test whether the web applications are working as desired in different browsers and environments.
  • Interact with the development configuration and operation's team to ensure the quality of software to user expectations.
  • Verify the integration of various components in the application and executed end-to-end testing.
  • Setting Up Test Scripts run automatically on a remote machine whenever a release is scheduled as part of Continuous Integration through Jenkins in VSTS (Azure DevOps).
  • Involved in SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) for all the user stories in the grooming sessions.
  • Manage Merge/Conflicts while push/Pull the new changeset to the source code repository.
  • Regression testing was performed after each build release of the application and updated the Scripts by executing the Regression suites built using Protractor.
  • Perform Integration testing, System testing, Smoke testing, Regression testing, Performance testing, Functional testing, and GUI testing.
  • Used Visual Studio Code Editor to develop automation framework and test scripts.
  • Responsible for all testing activities including test case development, tracking test coverage and execution.
  • Create various common methods for functions such as excel writing (ODBC driver the Open Database Connectivity) (Nuget Packages), loggers, navigation flows, broken links validations and several others so that these methods could be used by the whole team without them having to work on the same functions again.
  • Identify Average, Maximum, Minimum response times for each microservice endpoint (for both GET,POST requests).

How to Apply: Fax Resume to Friendly Consultants Inc. at 800-471-9415.