Job Title : Software Engineer

Location : Pittsburgh PA,15222

Skill Set : Automation and manual Testing. Coded UI Framework, Page Object Model, Data Driven, Performance testing, Load testing using Visual studio, Test Plans.

Education : a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science / Computer Information Systems or a closely related field

Specific Job Responsibilities : Attend scrum meetings, Scrum calls, sprint retrospective’s, backlog grooming meetings, sprint demo’s. Responsible for most of the legacy portals automation scripts (Provider, Provider TPA, Producer). Building a CODED UI framework from the scratch, developing new scripts and maintaining existing framework as per the need of business. Create page objects, Interfaces, functional methods, Config files, Common package, Logger Levels, Automated reports and update data driven classes/packages. Responsible for continuous integration process for legacy portals. Create/Update build and release definitions in CI pipeline using VSTS (Visual studio team services). Maintain and update the build definitions, manage triggers for the deployment mailing system. Write test plans for the modernized portal insurance track. (Plans and coverage, Claims and coverage) and run regression/smoke tests during releases in appropriate environments dev,tst or staging. Gathering requirements from the business/scrum masters and developing an execution plan by suggesting automation vs manual and incorporating manual test plans converting them into automated suites and validating the re-usable components, segregate them from non-re-usable functions. Monitoring performance metrics for micro-services by using performance testing tools. Performing load/stress (Performance testing) during release times or whenever required to monitor the enhanced micro-services for their response times, generating reports, keeping a track of the response times and sending them over to business using visual studio/VSTS. Logging them into VSTS Wiki. Point of contact/Responsible for all of Provider, Provider TPA, Producer online legacy portals frameworks and test scripts, load/performance testing for the micro-services.

How to Apply: Fax Resume to Friendly Consultants Inc. at 800-471-9415.