Job Title : QA Engineer

Location : Carrollton, Texas-75006

Skill Set : C, Data Structures using C, C++, Java, HTML5, XML, XHTML, JSP, JIRA, TFS, Eclipse, VS Code, AutoIT, GIT.

Education : a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science / Computer Information Systems or a closely related field

Specific Job Responsibilities : Analyzing test results, tracking the defects in TFS and generating test reports. Selecting the Test Cases to be automated and performing functional testing of the front end using Protractor & Jasmine Framework. Opted Page Object Model as a design pattern and implemented framework from scratch. Generating Test Reports using Jasmine Beautiful Reporters. Preparing test data and Driving Data through Excel files. Performing Cross browser testing, parallel testing and testing application across multiple languages. Working with Jenkins for continuous Integration of code. Configured and launched builds using Jenkins jobs and analyzed the Test Results from Jenkins UI. Working with GIT as a code repository for script maintenance.

How to Apply: Fax Resume to Friendly Consultants Inc. at 800-471-9415.