Job Title : Software Test Engineer

Location : Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Skill Set : C, C#, CORE JAVA, GHERKINS, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server

Education : a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science / Computer Information Systems or a closely related field

Specific Job Responsibilities : Responsible for API Automation and UI Automation. Develop the framework from scratch for API and UI Automation.Follow Agile and I will participate in all kinds of meetings like Sprint Planning, Scrum calls, Grooming sessions, Review meetings, and Retrospective meetings, Responsible in doing In-Sprint Automation (writing the Manual TestCases and Automating them in that current sprint itself),Maintain JENKINS jobs to run my build (Test-Cases) on daily basis, Push the code to GIT whenever any changes are made or any new functionality added to framework to avoid data loss, Creating the bugs in JIRA and assigning them to the developer, Maintaining the updates of the project in confluence WIKI page, so that every one will understand the progress of the project.

How to Apply: Fax Resume to Friendly Consultants Inc. at 800-471-9415.